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and other 75mm (3") sanding heads.

We are pleased to announce our "EXCLUSIVE SELECTION" range of abrasive disks for the Rotary Sander and all other 75mm, Velcro faced sanding heads.

These disks are exclusively selected for their ability to outlast the other grits offered for sale. In our demonstrations we have found that our  80 and 120 grit (Astra Single Dot abrasive) will outlast at least 6 disks of regular abrasive while our 400 grit (Astra Double dot abrasive) has more life in it than a regular 120 grit.

Our other grades 180, 240, 320, 600, 800, and 1200, are generally made up of Champagne Abrasive. These all have the ability to outlast other grits at least two to one.

These are by far the best abrasives we have come across in the past 15 years. And we highly recommend them to anyone using the "Vic Wood Rotary Sander". We now use nothing else and are consistently getting 3 to 4 times the life out of the disks.

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