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Last update 19th June 2018

The following Information Sheets are supplied as a guide to using our the products and/or for basic information. It is advised that the Information Sheet be read before using a products. This may save some tears down the track and will help you to get the best out of all our products. There really is no substitute for practice and even better still watching a demonstration done by someone who is familiar with using our products. However these Information Sheets will definitely be a big help for anyone starting out.

These info sheets are all .pdf files (read by read by Acrobat  Reader) and can be printed out or saved on your computer. To get the file click on the logo along side the sheet you want and it will automatically load the file for you..

 Download Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it.

This page is constantly being updated, more will de added as it becomes available.





 1 Shellawax  & Shellawax Glow

 2 Polish Reviver
 3 Traditional Wax
 4 Tripoli Powder 
 5 Shellac Flakes / French Polish
 6 Talcum Powder
 7 Hide Glue
 8 Shellawax Cream
 9 Non Toxic Water Dye
 10 EEE-Ultra Shine
 11A White Shellac
 11B Sanding Sealer
 12 Hard Shellac
 13 Waxtik.pdf
 14 Swansdown Buff  
 15 FoodSafe Plus
 16 Aussie Oil
  A Polishers Handbook by: Neil Ellis  
  Rotary Sander  
  Recommended Retail Price List 2018  


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